Why are Used refuse trucks best buy?

The Problem with buying NEW is you are going to pay a ton for a truck that will be in the shop within the next three months. The newer trucks have been experiencing problems ever since the switch to CNG. The technology and fuel source are not at the level they need to be at to pay such a substantial amount. USED Trucks are less costly and you get more BANG for your BUCK.


Before the emissions changed in 2008, Pre-Emission did not even exist. The used refuse trucks were just that, used. No one was interested in purchasing them unless they did not have the money for a new one. There was no inclination for someone to buy one because there were no emission problems. Pre-Emission now stands for the time before the CNG takeover. Going green has been all the craze in the past decade and we fully support it. If going green doesn’t put a hole through our wallets that is. We are all in this business to make money and saving the environment is important. That is why we here at RDK are researching diligently to find out how to do both.


The Post-Emission era gave way to CNG. We experienced the problems, people are still fighting for it, and some of us have moved on to greener pastures. Volvo is one of them moving on. Volvo has gotten ahead of the curve and built refuse trucks that run on DME. This will eventually reach us in the United States. Currently, they have used refuse trucks running on DME in Europe. We have seen Dimethyl Ether in China as well. This new fuel source burns at a temperature that allows the trucks to safely run longer and harder while capturing more profits. This new fuel source, we believe, is the future and eventually, we will have new and used refuse trucks running off a cleaner energy source that will cost less money. We are not at liberty to say when but if you Subscribe below and join the RDK family we will gladly update you with any news we get.


If you are interested in purchasing used refuse trucks and adding them to your business, please call today or inquire further! We pride ourselves on delivering news and PREMIUM quality used refuse trucks all over the world. Thanks for reading.

Should you buy or go rolloff truck rental

Rolloff truck rental is a big business for many reasons. A lot of times you need a truck yesterday and buying one just doesn’t make money sense. Maybe it is a temporary account and you are looking for a rolloff truck rental that will give you a few months of solid work and then go bye-bye! This article should help you get on the right track.


To Buy a rolloff truck, you are going to want to make sure you have a few accounts lined up for pickup! The last thing you want is a depreciating truck that is sitting on your lot not making you money! These accounts need to have contracts set up where they are in it for the long haul. Short contracts will be better for a rolloff truck rental. The buying portion takes place in a few easier steps. Call the deal, line up the money, and boom you now own a rolloff truck. This truck is not yours to take care of. That means maintenance. Make sure you keep records and take good care of your baby. She will treat you as well as you treat her!


If for some reason your truck breaks down, which happens a lot in this industry, you will want to RENT. If business takes an unexpected hike, you will want to RENT. If new emission standards turn for the worse and you do not want to pay for the outrageously expensive trucks, you will want to RENT. If you have speculating contracts that may or may not be here in six months, you will definitely want to RENT. Renting has its advantages and disadvantages just like owning one does. If you have more questions regarding whether to buy or go rolloff truck rental, call RDK today!

We at RDK have over 80+ years of combined experience and can answer all of your questions regarding rolloff truck rental. We hope to hear from you soon, thanks for reading!

What is the best refuse truck for sale?

There is not a specific refuse truck for sale that is perfect for you.. or is there?? YES, there really is. In our industry, we have certain “specs” that fit you and your needs. These specs are what is required from you and delivered to us to ensure that you get EXACTLY what you need.


Now most salesmen will sell you what they have. They will put on that smile and say whatever it is you want to hear just so they can make the sale and collect their commission. NOT US. We want to make sure you and your business are properly equipped with the right specs for your location and job. For example, having more engine power is key on windy roads that move up and down hills or mountains. Rather than sacrificing money for power, we encourage you to buy bigger if you are in these terrain conditions. Having the right transmission for your drivers and how many people are going to be working on your truck are both questions that need to be answered. These are the basics and to find out what specs are right for you and your business, Call us today and speak to one of our professionals.


At RDK, we are passionate about talking trash! This includes technology. Now you wonder how do trash and technology mix with buying the best refuse truck for sale? Well, it has everything to do with it! The technology coming out may cause your truck to break down. Did you know an older refuse truck for sale is actually more reliable than the new ones? Yes, yes they are because technology and new fuel sources are causing very expensive breakdowns. What does this mean for you, our business partner? This means that along with getting the rights specs for your business, you are going to want the right technology on your side.

Call us today or inquire on our website to find out more! We will get you into the best refuse truck for sale for YOU.

Why buy a used roll off truck?

Are you looking to make some money in the Roll Off Truck industry?? Maybe you are looking to expand your fleet? Should you buy new or used? These questions are very important and we are here to help!


Finding a used roll off truck in PREMIUM condition is becoming difficult these days. The housing market has exploded in the last few years and roll off owners are looking to expand their fleet. Their older used roll off trucks are becoming worn and abused. People are hot loading the cans on and we are seeing a substantial amount of damage from northern used roll off trucks due to the weather conditions and salty roads. These trucks are ready to retire and now owners are looking for new trucks. Well not new but newer than the ones they have had. The new trucks are experiencing too many issues to drop TOP dollar on them. Instead they want to buy a used roll off truck that has been worked on and turned into a PREMIUM product. A product that will work hard for the next few years until technology catches up with the changes being made on the garbage truck industry.


The issues from the new trucks are causing too many customers to experience downtime and loss of profit. This is leading them into getting rid of them quickly and buying a reliable used roll off truck that has given them plenty of hard work in the past. The PREMIUM used roll off truck is by far the best on the market. It stands alone with the way the good old trucks used to run and the way your mechanics know how to work best. These trucks will give you and your business security. With an abundance of parts for these trucks, you wont pay much or wait long to find them. The Used roll off truck market reigns supreme until they can fix the bugs on the newer trucks.

Call and talk to a professional at RDK today and start building your companies future on a the back of a safe and reliable used roll off truck!

Peterbilt Garbage Trucks: What they need!



Peterbilt is no stranger to the garbage truck industry. They have proven that their methods are top-tier. They have some of the best quality trucks emerging in the market today! Their engineers have built a machine that is so elegant and hardworking that people stop when they drive by. Well, maybe not most people but we do!


Crafted in a way that your Peterbilt garbage truck will experience smooth sustainability throughout the life of her career. It gives off a nice feeling when you can rely on her day in and day out to keep up with the hard labor you bestow upon her. She won’t quit until you do and if any problems arise, Peterbilt is right there with you. They offer great customer service and will take care of your Peterbilt garbage truck needs. The only thing you will need to look for once you buy a Peterbilt garbage truck is WORK!


Keeping track of your inventory and its problems is never fun. It is without a doubt you will experience technical issues in this industry and we all know that downtime, is a heartbreaker. Don’t let your heart get broken, buy a Peterbilt garbage truck to ensure your company is safely on its way to making more money.

Rolloff trucks for sale

Get what you pay for: Rolloff trucks for sale!

Rolloff trucks for sale! Rolloff trucks for sale! The telltale line from dealers across the U.S. We hear it but be wary; the rolloff trucks for sale may burn a hole in your pocket if you don’t GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


You do not want to get a rolloff truck that you buy and put immediately in the shop! Think of buying a car and as soon as you drive that car home to your house, it breaks down! This can happen to your rolloff truck if you decide to pay a deceivingly low price. It is without a doubt that if you pay enough for a good product you will receive a product that will give back. The rolloff truck is prone to issues. It has several moving parts that load and unload heavy cans every day. They go through more work than they care to and keep on working hard. IF you BUY a poor-quality truck to save money, YOU will pay for it.


Buying the right rolloff trucks for sale is key to your business’s success. The more money you have to spend on your truck can guarantee you receive a PREMIUM truck. What if you don’t have a lot to spend? Well, then you have to be pickier and ask more questions to make sure your rolloff truck is going to make your wallet not break your wallet. Talk to mechanics if you do not have substantial knowledge regarding the rolloff industry. The price fluctuates with many different factors like make, model, condition, how many miles, how many hours, whether is it single or double framed, and many more. These questions drive the price up or down. It is best to speak to a professional regarding the Quality to Price question.


At RDK we have over 80+ years of experience and pride ourselves in our PREMIUM TRUCK category. We have top-quality rolloff trucks for sale and can guide you along the way to finding your next rolloff truck! Please inquire further or give us a call today!

What is a PREMIUM waste truck for sale


It means three things:

  1. Low Miles
  2. Low Hours
  3. Exceptional Condition


In the waste truck industry, we see trucks that have been burnt, broken down, parts have been stolen off of them, arms are bent, the cab is wrecked, tires are shredded, and so on! This industry is tough and dirty, and we love it! We say go PREMIUM because it gives you, the business partner, the assurance that your waste truck for sale has been gone through thoroughly and is at its PEAK condition. We do not want to see anyone in a waste truck for sale that may break down while on the road and cause a public hazard or substantial downtime for our business partner. Instead, we make sure your waste truck for sale has everything she needs to keep you and your accounts, HAPPY!


You can find a waste truck for sale in pretty much every state. To find a waste truck for sale in PREMIUM condition, you may want to look to the south. We have the best weather down south, specifically the Sunshine State! We see very little snow so there is very little salt on our roads, which means very little rust. If you want to buy a waste truck for sale that is in exceptional condition with low miles and low hours for the year it was made you have come to the right site!

RDK specializes in building a PREMIUM quality used waste truck for sale. It is our pride and joy. Check out our inventory online and call a professional today to see one of these beauties up close!

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