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Reading Truck Bodies

Reading Truck Bodies are built around the only thing that matters, customers.

Each one is designed knowing just what customers need to work better than ever. Reading Truck bodies have been building long-lasting, durable truck bodies for 65 years with craftsmanship, innovative thinking, and lots of pride. Also, customers can take pride in what they do too.

You can find a great selection of service bodies, enclosed bodies, crane bodies, landscapers and dump bodies, hauler, and platform bodies (flatbed) and contractor bodies.

Reading Truck Bodies lineup:


Classic II aluminum service body: One body that delivers so many benefits including superior fuel economy, increased payload, and unmatched corrosion resistance. A true classic that’s sure to save you money and time. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

Classic II steel service body: Get the durability and strength of premium steel to take on the toughest jobs. Our innovative locking system and an abundance of storage secures and organizes your tools. Built to last for the long haul. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

SL service body: A rugged workhorse built with exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. Get more body for your money with a long list of standard features. Resists rust and corrosion for year after year of dependable service. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.

Mechanic service body series: For mechanics who work in the most demanding jobsites and need something other than the typical service body. Loaded with impressive standard features including a heavy-duty ladder-frame understructure. Learn more at Reading Truck Bodies.


These bodies practically put a roof on your mobile workshop. Have more storage, more ways to work and more security for tools and equipment. Enjoy long-lasting durability thanks to our legendary craftsmanship.

Aluminum enclosed bodies for van and low cab forward chassis – classic service van: It’s 50% lighter than comparably sized steel vans and delivers money-saving fuel economy with increased payload. The enclosed space offers excellent security for your valuables while innovative storage keeps you organized. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Steel enclosed bodies for van and low cab forward chassis – ready van SL: Enjoy a generous workspace with bright compartment lighting and ample weathertight outside storage. Made from long-lasting heavy duty galvannealed steel covered by an industry-leading 6-year warranty. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Enclosed bodies for truck chassis: Designed around your needs and built with legendary craftsmanship. Our enclosed body offers protected workspace, carries more payload, organizes your tools and equipment better and works with chassis up to Class 5. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

CRANE BODIES are made to tackle the harshest environments and conquer the most challenging jobs. Our innovative crane bodies are designed to provide unsurpassed power, productivity, and safety.

20-Series crane body: Presenting the latest evolution in our 4 decades of creating crane bodies. Designed for cranes up to 4,000 lbs. You’ll have heavy-duty lifting capability in a weight efficient package for efficient operation. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

25-Series crane body: Built to accommodate a 5,000 lb. crane and ready to conquer harsh environments and demanding jobs with safety and ease. You’ll find plenty of standard features for working more productively than ever. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

RM-45 crane body: Our most innovative crane body helps you work with more safety and efficiency than ever. A torsion box understructure enables a powerful 45,000 pound-foot rating at 100% throughout the lifting zone. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

RM-78 crane body: Our most innovative crane body is built on a next generation torsion box understructure that delivers a powerful 78,000 pound-feet of lift and features an easy-to-upfit design. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

LANDSCAPER & DUMP BODIES are ideal for construction, landscape, and handling chores around a nursery. Made to travel the toughest terrain and to safely load and unload payload, these bodies drive your business forward.

Marauder dump body: This type of body Haul the maximum payload in the most affordable way while boosting fuel economy. A heavy-duty understructure, rugged steel floor and sidewall construction provide long-lasting durability for working in rugged jobsites. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Marauder SL dump body: Haul the maximum payload in the most affordable way while boosting fuel economy. A heavy-duty understructure, rugged steel floor and sidewall construction provide long-lasting durability for working in rugged jobsites. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Landscaper SL: Get the long-lasting durability you need to work in harsh terrain and perfect for hauling loose, bulk, or skidded materials. Available in 9′ and 12′ models. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

HAULER & PLATFORM BODIES move tools, equipment, and bulk materials easily and safely. You can customize our stake bed and platform bodies in a variety of ways to fit the way you work. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

REDI-DEK hauler body: Haul just about anything on a strong, sturdy platform. With tie-down rails, a slotted bulkhead and a treadplate floor all made from durable powder-coated steel, you’ll get years and years of dependable service. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

Platform bodies: Ideal for hauling bulk materials and pallets, it features a large, open platform built from steel for strength and long-lasting durability Quick release steel stake rack sets allow for easy loading and unloading. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

CONTRACTOR BODIES put together Reading Truck Bodies engineering expertise and customers feedback to deliver a truck body that is built to withstand the toughest conditions. It is ready to perform with its customizable design and workspace so you can work the way you want. Learn more at Reading truck Bodies.

With all that said, you can be assured that we can manage to build any truck body meeting your business needs. That’s why at TruckMax, we are a proud Reading Truck Bodies dealership. And proud of how, our +25-year of experience team in the commercial truck business, can build a truck that work as hard as you do. Contact us today!

Dur-A-Lift urban forestry units

Dur-A-Lift’s Urban Forestry Unit at TruckMax comes in several sizes, making it the ideal option for those in the tree care industry. Pick between several aerials, featuring max working heights that range from 45 to 59 feet. Pair that with a marine-grade, aluminum chipper box that is available in three sizes; and add in a chassis to complete the package.


Added reach & load capacity
Working height up to 59’; side reach to 31’6”
11’9” aluminum chipper box
Compact unit with a big reach
Under CDL options
Working height up to 50’; side reach 30’
7’6” & 9’9” aluminum chipper box options

Proportional controls; lower override controls; engine start/stop from basket; basket access from ground; compensated upper boom; insulated models available in category C or D; hydraulic basket leveling; continuous rotation; joystick and lockout controls; 180º basket rotator; 24”x 42” fiberglass basket, 600# capacity
Controls: Proportional controls; lower controls with override located at the turntable; engine start/stop from the basket; individual control levers
Hydraulic System: Rated pressure is 2200 PSI; operating pressure is 2000 PSI; open center hydraulic system; 180º rotating basket
Mechanical System: Telescoping and articulating boom action; offset main boom reduces travel height; shear ball rotation driven; fully enclosed worm gearbox; non-continuous rotation; insulated extension boom 46 kV (DTAX2); 24” x 24” basket, 350# capacity; 110V outlet at upper controls (DTAX2S).


High electrical resistant controls; outriggers; basket liner for fiberglass baskets; fiberglass main and articulating booms; tool circuits; D.C. backup system; 22” basket elevator; non-insulated versions available (DPM2S); 110 v outlet at the basket (non-insulated only).
Single-hand joystick upper control; outrigger or torsion bars; 12-volt DC backup; fixed basket position (side or end); basket offered in various sizes and configurations; basket liner 50 kV (DTAX2); main boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); chassis isolator art boom fiberglass insert (DTAX2); continuous rotation; tool trays of various sizes; basket and control cover; upper and lower hydraulic tool circuits; lower stow/dump control; special paint color.

Single swing rear gate with robust latch; pruning compartment; superior top ventilation; a cross box for pole saws; marine grade aluminum; separate compartment for ropes; shovel & ladder compartment; Oval flashers front and rear; option for additional compartments under the chipper body.

The Urban Forestry Package is available in insulated (Cat. C or D) or non-insulated formats. Full pressure controls.
Insulated: DPM2-52DP, DTAX2-45, DTAX2-40
Non-insulated: DPM2S-52DP, DTAX2S-45, DTAX2S-40

Ford F-750 SUper Duty Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP 59′ Forestry Bucket Truck.

Aerial: Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP
Chassis: Ford F-750
Body: Voth Chipper Body, 11’9″
Additional Specs: Dur-A-Lift DPM2-52DP aerial; insulated, Category D; working height up to 59’, side reach to 31’6”; 24″x30″ fiberglass basket; 11’9” aluminum chipper box from Voth Truck Bodies with crossbox and toolbox compartments; Ford F-750 chassis, diesel, regular cab, 33,000 GVWR; 12’4″ stowed travel height.

Visit or contact us to learn more about our forestry bucket truck inventory. We can build these equipment on a new Ford, Dodge RAM, International, Freightliner, or any other matching commercial truck chassis.

Cable placer trucks, key tools for utility companies.

Cable Placer vehicles are a specialized type of equipment that enables the efficient construction and ongoing maintenance of overhead networks of cable. Cable placer trucks can be outfitted with varying features and benefits.
Cable Placers can be deployed with the boom extended and a man in the bucket, doing his job of stringing, placing, or pulling cable, even as the vehicle is moving. Every other bucket truck, by all rules and regulations, must stop, put the parking brakes on, and deploy the outriggers (if they have them) before performing its task.

Cable placers are a valuable addition to any fleet of maintenance vehicles. One important distinction about them is that cable placers are built to drive while a technician is in the bucket.

• It’s true that the recommended speed at which the truck can move while on the job is only 2-3 miles per hour. However, the laborious task of installing overhead cables, from one utility pole to another, is much more efficient and less time-consuming when performed from a moving truck. After all, the alternative would be to park in front of each pole, deploy the aerial lift, finish the installation, retract the aerial lift, and then proceed on to the next post.
• The need for broadband access has exploded in the past few years as technology has changed how we live and interact with the world. In fact, this need has overtaken our existing infrastructure in a very short space of time. To keep up with the promise of 5G technology – lightning fast speeds, incredibly low latency, and the capacity to carry a massive number of connections simultaneously – there’s still a lot of groundwork to be done.
• Other than improvement to existing infrastructure, cable placers also play a crucial role during times of natural disasters such as hurricanes, snowstorms, and floods. Being able to repair and restore broken electricity and telecommunication lines is an urgent need for communities. Without efficient cable replacers, rehabilitation efforts would be seriously hampered.

Cable placers are in high demand during, and after, storm season. The currently inconsistent state of electrical grids in the United States and its protectorates proves the need for upgrading existing cable networks. Part of this task will be ongoing improvement of the networks, which, in many cases, requires the use of these trucks. There are more than 100 million miles of overhead data and electrical cable in the United States. As we continue to see, electrical and data infrastructure is fragile, and without it, people suffer. Communications and plenty of critical services, including medical services, first response and manufacturing, are off-line without access to data and communications networks.
Looking to know more about our cable placer trucks? Contact one of our bucket trucks specialists today.

Why Dur-A-Lift Bucket Truck?

Dur-A-Lift Inc. bucket trucks gets you exactly where you have to go with all of the tools you need to do the job right. Telescopic articulated bucket trucks, personnel or material handling bucket trucks; insulated or non-insulated bucket trucks; single or double person baskets. Dur-A-Lift provide you with the best bucket truck to suit your needs. In doing this we have become experts at speaking bucket truck.

We offer a wide variety of models for a variety of industries and applications. Check the picture with what we have to offer. Use it as a guide to find the right bucket truck for you. Material handling? Personnel? Telescopic? Articulated? Or both? Insulated? Non-insulated? One person basket? Two person basket? Contact us to get started on your next bucket truck.

Dur-A-Lift specializes in bucket trucks built for the electric utility, telecommunications, signage, lighting, traffic management , cable management and tree care industries.

Here is why Dur-A-Lift baskets are better

For Dur-A-Lift, it’s more than just seeing how far the baskets can reach; it’s about the all around experience. Dur-A-Lift’s baskets go above and beyond, and TruckMax Homestead bucket truck experts can provide you with the main five reasons to prove it. Feel free to contact us for a test flight!


Access the basket from ground level. There is no need to store the basket on top of the cab protector until it’s time to move to the next work site. Accomplish jobs quicker and with less people.


Easy access to all the storage compartments right from the basket. Did you forget a tool? If so, there is no need to get out and no need for an extra person. Just lower down, grab what you need and get back to what you were doing.


The new 22 inch hydraulically activated basket elevator allows the operator to raise the basket nearly two extra feet without repositioning the boom or jib, allowing for a greater working height when the boom elevation is limited.


The new top mounted jib and winch allows the operator to rotate the jib to work on either side of the rotating basket. This means more flexibility once the basket is positioned.


Dur-A-Lift’s baskets can rotate 180 degrees, giving you the most effective basket positioning on the market.

Finding the best bucket truck for your business

Material handling? Personnel? Telescopic? Articulated? Or both? Insulated? Non-insulated? One person basket? Two person basket?

Telescopic articulated bucket trucks; personnel or material handing bucket trucks; insulated or non-insulated bucket trucks; single or double person baskets; bucket vans and tracked lifts; overcenter and non-overcenter bucket trucks. Whatever you are looking for, our main focus is to provide you with the best bucket truck to suit your needs, and in doing this TruckMax Homestead have become experts at speaking bucket truck. Make your next bucket truck a Dur-A-Lift with us!

Start by narrowing down which series best suits your needs.

DLT2 & DPM2 – telescopic articulating, material handling or personnel aerial lift with 180º basket rotator, basket elevator and top mounted jib and winch that lifts up to 1000 pounds
DPM3 – telescopic articulating bucket truck with bottom mount, 36″ x 60″ aluminum basket, 180 degree basket rotator, and auxiliary winch that lifts up to 150 pounds
DPM – telescopic articulating, material handling or personnel aerial lift with 180º basket rotator and side mounted jib and winch that lifts up to 1000 pounds
DTAX2 – telescopic articulating aerial lift with 180º basket rotator
DTA2 – telescopic articulating aerial lift
DHT – heavy duty, telescopic aerial lift
DT – telescopic aerial lift
DVS – telescopic aerial lift for use with enclosed body (van series)
DO – articulating, overcenter aerial lift
DFSL – articulating, non-overcenter aerial lift
DAT3 – telescopic articulating, non-overcenter aerial lift built for the tree care industry
Urban Forestry Unit – (urban forestry) telescopic articulating, forestry bucket truck with chipper box
DCP – telescopic articulating cable placer unit