Why southern rolloff trucks for sale are #1


Simply Put, FLORIDA. We have the best weather and we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale! The best weather conditions in the United States allow us to harness God’s gift of beautiful sunshine to keep our rolloff trucks for sale in outstanding condition. If this was a battle between the North and the South, the South would win every time (with one big exception, of course)! The rolloff trucks here see no snow or sleet and because of this, they do not have salt from the roads destroying their parts. It is without a doubt that we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale here in Florida.


Now that you know where to find them.. who do you call. RDK of course! We have been in the rolloff industry for over 20 years and know that when it comes to buying the right one, you have to choose the right place. We are located in Tampa, Florida, off of Adamo Drive. Our facility houses professionals with over 80+ years of experience and we will help guide you to find PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale.


We want your business to be successful because when you are successful we are too! The more rolloff trucks you need the better. This industry is growing rapidly with houses being built and the economy coming back. Rolloff trucks are becoming the leaders in the industry for picking up construction work and building roads for the future. We here at RDK are focused on building a better and brighter future for you and your company. Get in touch with one of our representatives today and lets get you into your PREMIUM rolloff trucks!

Refuse trucks are a cash cow!


MONEY! Refuse Trucks cost as much as house and man do they make money! The reason we get into business is to turn a profit and anyone in our industry knows that refuse trucks have big potential. The United States alone produces around 50% of the world’s trash! In our industry, we know business is all about picking up. The more trash, the better!


There are many ways to make money through the purchase of refuse trucks. One simply is picking up trash from local houses or businesses. These contracts can yield a substantial payout for the business owners down the road. As residential areas expand, new contracts are formed and more refuse trucks are added to your fleet for new customers. Companies like Wal-Mart produce a significant portion of trash per year and landing a contract with these guys will produce enough money for you to vacation with for the next few years.

Another way to use garbage trucks to make money is by picking up debris after terrible weather events. In our industry, we know that helping out after a hurricane, tornado, flood, or fire is our duty. We supply the trucks for the rehabilitation period and when the garbage is taken away, they can start to rebuild. This opens the door for many local businesses in the area where devastation has occurred. The businesses are now making money but more importantly, helping a community rebuild!

Refuse Trucks also take care of government, entertainment, corporate, and pretty much every industry you can think of. Everyone produces waste and we are the ones responsible for picking it up. This provides us with the satisfaction of giving back to the community and a nice paycheck, to say the least.


RDK helps you find the right refuse trucks for your business needs. With over 80 years of experience, we answer any questions you may have before purchasing your refuse trucks. Our role in the industry is to make sure you have a premium truck that is working hard to make you more money! Contact us today about inventory so you can tap into your CASH COW today!

The refuse truck: Getting a new fuel source?!


CNG has been all the craze in the last decade! With many manufacturers building more complex refuse trucks to incorporate CNG gas, why would one of the biggest truck manufacturers be switching to something else completely?! If CNG is working so well…


At the turn of the 21st century, the Refuse truck has seen a substantial amount of change. The emission standards are on the rise and prices are increasing for businesses to go Green! Now why is the refuse truck being converted into new energy sources? To put it simply, the refuse truck has higher emission standards now and is not performing as well as it should be! It is as if the added technology that was built to make it better has actually made the refuse truck more complicated and in turn, has more issues.

Now there are even more problems that can occur because the refuse truck has more parts. What do we do? We find a better, more efficient fuel source!

With the introduction of this new energy source, we are seeing a new and improved garbage truck that can work harder and longer with fewer problems. They are forecasting that the new and improved refuse truck reach our borders within the next few years. That means you will now have another option to choose from for your fleet! And this option has be tested and proven to take your company to higher profit margins with less downtime!


We at RDK are researching diligently to bring updated news to our customers about the WASTE INDUSTRY. Subscribe to our newsletter and join the RDK Family for all the industry knowledge that will keep YOU ahead of the curve!

Where do you find premium rolloff trucks??

Looking for some rolloff trucks?! You have come to the right place!


With the growing economy and oil prices down this year, we are seeing in increase in the demand for rolloff trucks! If you are a small business looking for to startup or expand or even a major coporation looking for a reliable hardworking rolloff truck you have come to the right place. There are a few places to start looking today!


First ask yourself, what kind of rolloff trucks are you looking for? Different companies build rolloff trucks so how do you know which one is the best? The longevity of an engine and the overall condition of rolloff trucks are the main differences. Comparing an international versus a Mack is almost a 1 to 3 ratio. Meaning that the Mack will almost always last three times as long. This is why we recommend buying Mack. They simply are built stronger and last longer. For a good price, you get what you pay for. Second, ask yourself where’s the closest dealer for parts? Your rolloff trucks are going to go through some wear and tear and eventually, you are going to need more parts. Knowing where the nearest dealer is with parts or a good place to find them is essential to keeping your babies running smoothly. Next, what are your mechanics used to working on? Most mechanics know a certain truck better than others and would prefer to work on them. Staying with what they know will save you downtime! Which means more money in your pocket! Lastly, SIZE MATTERS! Your roll trucks are going to need more horsepower if you are in mountainous ranges or in higher altitudes.


Make sure any rolloff trucks you are interested in have had maintenance and checkups consistently. The best thing to do is speak to a professional in the rolloff trucks business first! The RDK family has over 80+ years of experience and is here to answer any questions you may have regarding rolloff trucks! Call today!

When your rolloff truck is ready to retire

Have you been wondering how many miles is too many miles? Is your rolloff truck not performing like she used to? Then you may want to think about retiring her!


A Rolloff truck is tough and for good reason. They go through more heavy loading and unloading than most garbage trucks. They help take away debris from construction sites and even zones that have been devastated by hurricanes or tornadoes. This amount of wear and tear can add up over time. When is she ready to be let go? Not Old Faithful? Well the average rolloff truck will last a few years, if she is maintained right. You keep her oiled up, checked out consistently, and she can give you anywhere from four hundred to six hundred thousand miles of hard work!


The environment she works in plays a large role in how long she will last. Up north for instance, the snow and salt on the roads usually eats up a rolloff truck quicker. While down south the rolloff truck does not see many problems from the weather conditions. If you keep your rolloff truck in the right conditions she will last longer. If she is open to sleet and snow or severe cold, she will need more parts and service. A good basis for how long you should keep your truck goes as follows…


Essentially if your repair costs exceed the payment on another newer rolloff truck… It is time to retire! How much is that downtime worth when repairs are being done?? We all know a lot! If you have any questions about how your rolloff truck is doing or if you would like to retire your rolloff and receive a quote from one of our professionals, please call the RDK family today! We will gladly assist you in all of your rolloff truck needs!

How to keep your Roll off truck working hard!


How do you keep your roll off truck running longer? Two words, Preventative Maintenance. Your Roll off truck is a well-oiled working machine and needs to be taken care of regularly! The Roll off truck is responsible for loading and unloading heavy amounts of debris from construction zones as well as many other jobs.


These jobs take a heavy toll on the roll off truck. Especially if the one driving is “hot-loading.” This term refers of a way to load your cans quickly but not in the good nature of the truck. It wears her down and can also cause worse problems later on. The best thing to do is take all safety measures to keep her safe and working hard. If you run her hard and mean she will leave you before you know it. Preventative measures like inspecting her before and after work are key to the roll off truck staying on route longer. A few good tips are to keep her greased, check under the hood periodically, and make sure you do an inspection on brakes, tires, lights, hydraulic cylinders, cables, and tarp.


Our mechanics have been working with Roll-Off trucks for over 80+ years experience combined. They have several inspections they perform to make sure each roll off truck is ready to go out on route with pure confidence! Would you like to get your roll off truck checked out today? Please call the RDK family! We will be glad to assist you in keeping your roll off truck running and working hard!