Cable placer trucks, key tools for utility companies.

Cable Placer vehicles are a specialized type of equipment that enables the efficient construction and ongoing maintenance of overhead networks of cable. Cable placer trucks can be outfitted with varying features and benefits.
Cable Placers can be deployed with the boom extended and a man in the bucket, doing his job of stringing, placing, or pulling cable, even as the vehicle is moving. Every other bucket truck, by all rules and regulations, must stop, put the parking brakes on, and deploy the outriggers (if they have them) before performing its task.

Cable placers are a valuable addition to any fleet of maintenance vehicles. One important distinction about them is that cable placers are built to drive while a technician is in the bucket.

• It’s true that the recommended speed at which the truck can move while on the job is only 2-3 miles per hour. However, the laborious task of installing overhead cables, from one utility pole to another, is much more efficient and less time-consuming when performed from a moving truck. After all, the alternative would be to park in front of each pole, deploy the aerial lift, finish the installation, retract the aerial lift, and then proceed on to the next post.
• The need for broadband access has exploded in the past few years as technology has changed how we live and interact with the world. In fact, this need has overtaken our existing infrastructure in a very short space of time. To keep up with the promise of 5G technology – lightning fast speeds, incredibly low latency, and the capacity to carry a massive number of connections simultaneously – there’s still a lot of groundwork to be done.
• Other than improvement to existing infrastructure, cable placers also play a crucial role during times of natural disasters such as hurricanes, snowstorms, and floods. Being able to repair and restore broken electricity and telecommunication lines is an urgent need for communities. Without efficient cable replacers, rehabilitation efforts would be seriously hampered.

Cable placers are in high demand during, and after, storm season. The currently inconsistent state of electrical grids in the United States and its protectorates proves the need for upgrading existing cable networks. Part of this task will be ongoing improvement of the networks, which, in many cases, requires the use of these trucks. There are more than 100 million miles of overhead data and electrical cable in the United States. As we continue to see, electrical and data infrastructure is fragile, and without it, people suffer. Communications and plenty of critical services, including medical services, first response and manufacturing, are off-line without access to data and communications networks.
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