Why Dur-A-Lift Bucket Truck?

Dur-A-Lift Inc. bucket trucks gets you exactly where you have to go with all of the tools you need to do the job right. Telescopic articulated bucket trucks, personnel or material handling bucket trucks; insulated or non-insulated bucket trucks; single or double person baskets. Dur-A-Lift provide you with the best bucket truck to suit your needs. In doing this we have become experts at speaking bucket truck.

We offer a wide variety of models for a variety of industries and applications. Check the picture with what we have to offer. Use it as a guide to find the right bucket truck for you. Material handling? Personnel? Telescopic? Articulated? Or both? Insulated? Non-insulated? One person basket? Two person basket? Contact us to get started on your next bucket truck.

Dur-A-Lift specializes in bucket trucks built for the electric utility, telecommunications, signage, lighting, traffic management , cable management and tree care industries.

Manitex Bucket Trucks NOW Available!

Manitex A62 with 62′ working height and 38′ horizontal side reach differs from competitor products in that it has reduced dimensions and a unique, quick, setup speed.

Thanks to it’s ease of use, the A62 is particularly suitable for overhead and road lighting maintenance as well as sign installation. The “X” pattern outriggers allow the A62 to be set up in a single parking space. Available on a Non-CDL truck for maximum mobility and flexibility.

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Stellar cranes lifting capacity and side reach, are key features when selecting the right truck for your business.

The Stellar Crane’s lifting capacity and side reach are key features when selecting the right truck for your business.

There are plenty of things to think about when you’re building a work truck with a stellar crane. Making sure your mechanic service truck is built around you is important to maximizing productivity. So how do you make sure you don’t miss anything important? Here are five key questions to ask when building your perfect truck. 

1. What are my truck size needs? 

2. Where will I be doing the work?

3. Do I need a compressor, welder, or integrated unit? 

4. Where will I put my tools, parts and other equipment? 

5. Do I have lube and fuel needs? 

Interested in building your perfect work truck? Reach out to us today and let one of our specialists help you find the right truck, and to meet your business needs.

Mechanic trucks by Stellar Industries, Inc. offer the most innovative features in the industry. Complete turnkey packages available with body systems and compressors. Raise productivity with top-of-the-line mechanics trucks that help you get the job done. A perfectly up-fitted mechanic’s truck can increase efficiency, improve organization, and add convenience to your work day. Simply put, you’ll maximize uptime. Plus, with our large selection of service bodies and cranes, it’s easy to outfit a truck body with the specific qualities you need. Weigh the pros and cons of a steel service body over an aluminum one, and browse our selection of heavy-duty, light-duty, EC series, TC series, and specialty cranes.

Here is why Dur-A-Lift baskets are better

For Dur-A-Lift, it’s more than just seeing how far the baskets can reach; it’s about the all around experience. Dur-A-Lift’s baskets go above and beyond, and TruckMax Homestead bucket truck experts can provide you with the main five reasons to prove it. Feel free to contact us for a test flight!


Access the basket from ground level. There is no need to store the basket on top of the cab protector until it’s time to move to the next work site. Accomplish jobs quicker and with less people.


Easy access to all the storage compartments right from the basket. Did you forget a tool? If so, there is no need to get out and no need for an extra person. Just lower down, grab what you need and get back to what you were doing.


The new 22 inch hydraulically activated basket elevator allows the operator to raise the basket nearly two extra feet without repositioning the boom or jib, allowing for a greater working height when the boom elevation is limited.


The new top mounted jib and winch allows the operator to rotate the jib to work on either side of the rotating basket. This means more flexibility once the basket is positioned.


Dur-A-Lift’s baskets can rotate 180 degrees, giving you the most effective basket positioning on the market.