Why are Used refuse trucks best buy?

The Problem with buying NEW is you are going to pay a ton for a truck that will be in the shop within the next three months. The newer trucks have been experiencing problems ever since the switch to CNG. The technology and fuel source are not at the level they need to be at to pay such a substantial amount. USED Trucks are less costly and you get more BANG for your BUCK.


Before the emissions changed in 2008, Pre-Emission did not even exist. The used refuse trucks were just that, used. No one was interested in purchasing them unless they did not have the money for a new one. There was no inclination for someone to buy one because there were no emission problems. Pre-Emission now stands for the time before the CNG takeover. Going green has been all the craze in the past decade and we fully support it. If going green doesn’t put a hole through our wallets that is. We are all in this business to make money and saving the environment is important. That is why we here at RDK are researching diligently to find out how to do both.


The Post-Emission era gave way to CNG. We experienced the problems, people are still fighting for it, and some of us have moved on to greener pastures. Volvo is one of them moving on. Volvo has gotten ahead of the curve and built refuse trucks that run on DME. This will eventually reach us in the United States. Currently, they have used refuse trucks running on DME in Europe. We have seen Dimethyl Ether in China as well. This new fuel source burns at a temperature that allows the trucks to safely run longer and harder while capturing more profits. This new fuel source, we believe, is the future and eventually, we will have new and used refuse trucks running off a cleaner energy source that will cost less money. We are not at liberty to say when but if you Subscribe below and join the RDK family we will gladly update you with any news we get.


If you are interested in purchasing used refuse trucks and adding them to your business, please call today or inquire further! We pride ourselves on delivering news and PREMIUM quality used refuse trucks all over the world. Thanks for reading.