What happened to Mack garbage trucks?

Do you remember when MACK was the Premiere name in the garbage truck industry? No one I mean no one could compete with MACK. They were the cream of the crop! What happened?? Nowadays they aren’t as reliable.. Is it their fault? Have they lost their touch?

NO! Here’s Why

MACK Garbage Trucks are changing as technology and emission standards change. CNG has caused several manufacturers to change the way they build their trucks. This has affected everyone in the industry and not one company is being singled out. We at RDK bring news to everyone who wishes to read about the good, the bad, and the ugly. The MACK garbage trucks have experienced a setback from their original reliability but are in no way losing their MOJO. They have quality-built trucks but because of the new sensors, temperature issues, and storing of CNG, many of the Mack garbage trucks have gone a little haywire. We have seen them improve gradually over the years and believe they are perfecting the Mack garbage trucks to work perfectly, but that day has not yet come.


VOLVO has seen MACK garbage trucks’ problems and decided to build a garbage truck that runs on DME (dimethyl ether). It is a compound that burns cleaner and allows garbage trucks to run longer. They are also safer for the driver and the environment. The new energy source is not yet ramped up in the United States, but we will inform you when the switch is making some serious headway. The Mack garbage trucks are still some of our favorites. In fact, I have the famous Mack dog sitting here in my office as I type. The technology will catch up and one day MACK garbage trucks will be just as reliable as they were pre-Emission.


We pride ourselves on keeping our business partners, ahead of the curve! This allows everyone to make more money and get into a garbage truck that is perfect for them. Speak to one of our professionals by calling today or inquire further on our website. We are glad to help and thanks for reading!