What is a PREMIUM waste truck for sale


It means three things:

  1. Low Miles
  2. Low Hours
  3. Exceptional Condition


In the waste truck industry, we see trucks that have been burnt, broken down, parts have been stolen off of them, arms are bent, the cab is wrecked, tires are shredded, and so on! This industry is tough and dirty, and we love it! We say go PREMIUM because it gives you, the business partner, the assurance that your waste truck for sale has been gone through thoroughly and is at its PEAK condition. We do not want to see anyone in a waste truck for sale that may break down while on the road and cause a public hazard or substantial downtime for our business partner. Instead, we make sure your waste truck for sale has everything she needs to keep you and your accounts, HAPPY!


You can find a waste truck for sale in pretty much every state. To find a waste truck for sale in PREMIUM condition, you may want to look to the south. We have the best weather down south, specifically the Sunshine State! We see very little snow so there is very little salt on our roads, which means very little rust. If you want to buy a waste truck for sale that is in exceptional condition with low miles and low hours for the year it was made you have come to the right site!

RDK specializes in building a PREMIUM quality used waste truck for sale. It is our pride and joy. Check out our inventory online and call a professional today to see one of these beauties up close!

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