Why are Used Garbage Trucks a Best Buy?

Struggling with the decision to buy new or used?? We are here to help! This article tells you exactly what we have found out in the past ten years and why our customers would rather buy used garbage trucks over new.


We have seen the switch from gas to CNG! Many companies in the industry know that this switch was not done smoothly to say the least. The problems arising from CNG have caused many of our customers to lose money from downtime and feel what we call “buyers remorse.” The buyer’s remorse comes from getting a new truck in which you spend top dollar for and a month down the line it goes into the shop. The new sensors and controls have been experiencing issues over the last couple of years. Engineers are working out the kinks to build a more reliable truck that has less issues occur but we are not ready to fully support the new garbage trucks just yet.


Along with the technology changes being made, CNG becoming a dominating factor for garbage trucks, and the repair shops being full of trucks, a new energy source has shown up on the horizon. DME or dimethyl ether is becoming a widely accepted new fuel source in China and Europe. These trucks are able to go longer and further on less fuel. Sounds too good to be true, right?! Well it has been proven to be a more efficient garbage truck by Volvo. The Manufacturer has been garbage trucks that run completely off this new energy source and because of it they have are seeing less downtime and more money. The future is here, it just has not hit our customers yet.


The United States will see the new energy source soon! Right now we recommend buying a used garbage truck until the new DME trucks hit our market. Buying a new CNG truck will cost your company a fortune and if you not tied to city contracts requiring you to purchase 2015 models, get a used garbage truck. They have proven to be efficient money making machines and if you are lucky you may find one in PREMIUM CONDITION.