What is the best refuse truck for sale?

There is not a specific refuse truck for sale that is perfect for you.. or is there?? YES, there really is. In our industry, we have certain “specs” that fit you and your needs. These specs are what is required from you and delivered to us to ensure that you get EXACTLY what you need.


Now most salesmen will sell you what they have. They will put on that smile and say whatever it is you want to hear just so they can make the sale and collect their commission. NOT US. We want to make sure you and your business are properly equipped with the right specs for your location and job. For example, having more engine power is key on windy roads that move up and down hills or mountains. Rather than sacrificing money for power, we encourage you to buy bigger if you are in these terrain conditions. Having the right transmission for your drivers and how many people are going to be working on your truck are both questions that need to be answered. These are the basics and to find out what specs are right for you and your business, Call us today and speak to one of our professionals.


At RDK, we are passionate about talking trash! This includes technology. Now you wonder how do trash and technology mix with buying the best refuse truck for sale? Well, it has everything to do with it! The technology coming out may cause your truck to break down. Did you know an older refuse truck for sale is actually more reliable than the new ones? Yes, yes they are because technology and new fuel sources are causing very expensive breakdowns. What does this mean for you, our business partner? This means that along with getting the rights specs for your business, you are going to want the right technology on your side.

Call us today or inquire on our website to find out more! We will get you into the best refuse truck for sale for YOU.