What are PREMIUM rolloff trucks?


Looking for rolloff trucks seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Maybe yours right now?? We know that rolloff trucks make good money, we know that they are responsible for helping this country grow, and we know that finding rolloff trucks that are in GREAT condition can be difficult. These trucks run and work harder than most, that is why we have designed criteria for what makes up PREMIUM rolloff trucks!


It is as simple as that. Or is it? When you find one of these PREMIUM rolloff trucks make sure you remember where you got it. The quality of your new truck is important to you and your wallet, that is why we take our time to make sure everything on the rolloff trucks is in PREMIUM condition. Other companies make want to get the truck in and out of their shop fast.. To make a profit and say so long to the rolloff trucks and your business. You may find that they skipped a few steps and now you are sending them the rolloff trucks back to put in the shop again. This costs you money and time!


Keep your eye out for the criteria. Make sure the company you are purchasing from has a credible reputation for rolloff trucks and a strong system in place to get you reliable road warriors. The system needs to include multiple personnel analyzing each part to make it a PREMIUM truck. It has to be followed otherwise you may end up feeling buyer’s remorse. Go to a reputable dealer or contact one of our professionals today. We here at RDK have a combined knowledge of over 80+ years of experience and we specialize in delivering PREMIUM used garbage trucks. Inquire on our website or give us a call today!

Are Mack Roll off trucks the best buy?


This company has been around for years and has proven its worth by building great roll off trucks! The Mack Roll off trucks are always a great buy because the quality of design is sheer excellence. They have given the industry a staple to model after with the reliable engine, good transmission, and overall condition built to be a workhouse.


Here at RDK we have Mack Roll off trucks that can handle three times as much work as other ordinary trucks. They are simply built better and stronger. Old Betsy has given us years and years of work and she is still going strong. The premise behind the Mack roll off trucks is their design. They are built strong and reliable. Our customers rave about owning Mack roll off trucks because they have less downtime and more money! It gives them a chance to feel a sense of safety and satisfaction over a long period as there Mack roll off trucks go to work. We have customers say that they will wait for a Mack over any other truck out there. The brands that compete with the Mack roll off trucks are close behind but customers want Mack roll off trucks more. Maybe it’s the name and their signature Mack dog that keeps people hooked, but we at RDK is how often your truck is out on the road and not in the shop! These roll off trucks can work from sun up to sun down and then some. If your drivers can work, then the Mack roll off trucks will too!


MACK dealers will sell you new Mack roll off trucks which may cost you a fortune. It may be beneficial to buy used Mack roll off trucks for your business because you get more bang for your back! A lot of the newer trucks are running into technical issues that are causing businesses to have more downtime than the older trucks. Buying a used one also saves you money. Here at RDK, we offer PREMIUM used Mack roll off trucks for sale. These trucks have low miles, low hours, for the year they were built. They have been completely gone through and are in great condition! Call today to speak to one of our professionals about owning Mack roll off trucks or inquire on our website. Thanks for reading.

Why Buy a used roll off truck for sale?

Are you looking to make money? Of course you are! Money comes from many different avenues and today we want to tell you why the roll off business is so damn profitable!


Every day construction is happening all around you. We see it as we drive home or on the way to work. We see it when new houses are being build or restaurants and businesses. This construction causes waste that needs be hauled away! This is why you should buy a used roll off truck for sale. They are money making machines. You own the truck and pick up the debris from the construction and BOOM! Money is now in your pocket. Many business owners in this business know the power of the used roll off truck for sale. They capitalize on it by owning a fleet of them and sending their warriors out day by day to bring them back CASH. Construction is a big business and you can make money off of it with a used roll off truck for sale.


Buying new will cost you a fortune. The initial upfront cost is expensive and so are the repairs on a new roll off truck for sale. Buying used on the other hand will give you more BANG for your BUCK. These trucks are strong and have been proven to be war horses in the roll off world. Premium quality trucks can give you hard work day in and day out with reliability that counts. The newer trucks have expensive technology that shorts out and can cause your wallet to hurt if one of the parts goes out. Until technology changes for the better, we at RDK recommend saving money and the downtime by purchased a used roll off truck for sale.


We have been in the roll off industry for quite some time. We have over 80+ years of experience in our yard and PREMIUM used roll off trucks for sale. If you are looking to get into the business or expand your current fleet, you have come to right site! Check out our inventory and call us to speak to one of our professionals regarding buying a used roll off truck for sale, today!


We all have to provide for our family and buying a used roll off truck for sale may be your best bet. They are tough and there is always someone who needs a can delivered to their site to pick up debris. We firmly believe that our customers are not customers but family. By joining the industry or looking for a knowledgeable dealer you will be placed in good hands with the RDK family! Becoming a business partner in this lucrative industry is the first great step to success.

What is better: a new or used garbage truck?

The decision to buy a new or used garbage truck can be a difficult one. The way technology is changing and emission standards are pushing everyone to go “Green”, garbage trucks are becoming more complex and expensive! Many people are struggling with this decision and we here at RDK hope this article will help.

NEW Garbage Trucks

They have sensors that monitor just about every part on the truck and this requires extensive knowledge on how to keep them running. This can scare many individual business owners away because their mechanics are not comfortable working on the new garbage trucks. So What do we do? We buy what is familiar. This will keep our customers and mechanics happy! This leads them to look for used inventory. Now be careful, buying used can be tricky if you do not talk to the right dealer! People in our industry know that reputation is important and buying a quality product from someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in the used garbage truck market is KEY.

Many accounts do not have this luxury. Their contracts require them to buy only new and are left with a false feeling of reliability. OH and to add, did you know it costs 10,000 dollars for your warranty? Which is well worth it because your first repairs may cost you $20,000. The new trucks we have seen have had more problems due to the new technology not functioning well. I wish we could say the new garbage trucks are great and buy yours today, but that is simply not the case. Many of our customers are experiencing more downtime than ever before with the newer trucks. This costs them money and they end up getting used trucks to fill in.

This being said, there are a few benefits of buying new. First, it is a good image for your company. You are now “going green” as they put it. You will also have good customer service and knowledge from the dealers regarding the new trucks. New tires, brakes, and CNG are a given benefit of the new trucks as well. Your extra warranty may cost some money but having that safety net will give you ease of mind. Let’s just hope the downtime isn’t a serious problem for your new garbage truck and you will be just fine.

USED Garbage Trucks

They are proven to be road warriors and can handle the toughest of conditions. The used garbage trucks have stood the test of time and hard work. With less downtime and good mechanics nearby, who may know these trucks better than their family, you will be satisfied with your used garbage truck and its performance.

Over the past few decades, a used garbage truck has been looked at as the hand-me-down. People were more inclined to buy new to get the warranty and the prestige of owning a new truck. Nowadays, a used garbage truck will give you more bang for your buck! Especially if you get one from the right dealer. The used garbage truck market is filled with dealers but knowing one that puts exceptional quality in your working fleet is key to your company’s success. These used garbage trucks will give you hard work day in and day out. They have been completely gone over and over to make sure every part and piece is in great condition. Did I mention parts are everywhere for a used garbage truck? They cost less too!

With proven technology, less downtime, and your mechanic’s knowledge, buying a used garbage truck is a no-brainer. Don’t deal with the expensive prices of buying NEW or the downtime that will occur when you are on the road and need to pick up accounts. It is almost a no-brainer to go used!


Make sure you know who you are dealing with. We have seen some rough trucks come out of some dealerships that have been advertised as IN GREAT CONDITION. Yeah right! That truck barely runs and if it did we do not want it in our fleet. This leads to buyer’s remorse and a lot of money down the drain. This is exactly what you do not want! Talk to someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Speak to their staff and ask them questions! Ask for photos, and videos, and look at their inventory up close.

We here at RDK pride ourselves in our work. The inventory you see on our website and on our lot in Tampa, Florida are considered to be top-tier in the industry. The PREMIUM quality of a used garbage truck on our lot speaks for itself. With a combined 80+ years of experience under our roof, we know how to talk trash! We live to make our business partners happy because when they succeed, so do we

Become our business partner today! Call today or inquire further on our website.

What are the best waste trucks for sale?


The industry has several options to choose from so which brand has the best waste trucks for sale?! First, you have the MACK. This truck is strong and reliable. Second, you have Peterbilt. They are a great choice for any person looking for waste trucks for sale. The international comes after Autocar and the list keeps going! After choosing a brand, now you have to choose what type. This can get harry..So how do you know which is your best choice when looking for waste trucks for sale? With so many options it can get a little confusing. It is best to talk trash with the professionals!


Talking to someone who has been in the industry is your best bet. We have over 80+ years of knowledge on which waste trucks for sale will suit you. We are certain that there is no waste truck that is the absolute best for everyone because it varies from customer to customer and how much you one can budget. We see that the MACK trucks are very reliable, yes, but they also have had engine problems.  Knowing which is the right truck is our duty. For Premium waste trucks for sale Inquire further or give us a CALL today! We will be happy to guide you into finding your Waste Trucks for sale. Also subscribe to our newsletter to receive promotional offers like $2,500 off your waste truck and more information regarding the waste truck industry!

Where do I find Premium Waste Trucks??


The absolute best place to find PREMIUM WASTE TRUCKS is in the south! We have the best weather conditions for supplying customers with waste trucks that are in impeccable condition. Now you ask yourself, why does the weather have anything to do with it?? Well let me ask you a question, What does salt do to your car, waste truck, or bike? See now we are getting somewhere.


When it snows a couple feet up north, what happens? The roads get icy and people tend to stay inside drinking hot chocolate and cursing the cold. These icy roads are made safer through the addition of salt. The salt helps lower the temperature for the ice to turn into water and helps inhibit the crystallization of water particles forming into ice by breaking it down. It also provides a bit of traction for your vehicle to combat “fishtailing” or sliding on the road.


Over time this salt eats away at the ice and your truck! It causes the waste truck to experience corrosion and rust. Which down the road will damage the appearance, promote serious rust problems that must be addressed, and possibly affect the Mechanics of the waste truck.


Luckily for you, we do not see heavy amounts of snow or salt down in FLORIDA. This allows us to have Premium quality WASTE TRUCKS. The weather is conducive for our trucks to be in top-dog shape, making the south one of the top destinations for anything truck-related. To find out more information about our PREMIUM WASTE TRUCKS, please give us a call or email us and one of our professionals will be in touch with you shortly.


Why is the Mack Garbage Truck so good?!


For the longest time, we have wondered what makes the MACK garbage truck so damn good?! The amount of work we can put into these trucks is by far much more than the others. The MACK garbage truck is a staple in our industry for a reason. It is the benchmark to what all other garbage trucks look up to. IT CANNOT BE BEATEN.


They have simply built them better! It goes to show that having a good team of engineers and a solid foundation for building garbage trucks can create a beast of a truck that will keep you and your customers happy! First, It starts with a reliable engine. The trucks can go forever. They can run up to three times as long as other trucks in the same category doing the same work. Next is the transmission. The transmission has a reputation of outperforming other manufacturers in every category. Where an international may only get you so far, the MACK garbage truck will take you above and beyond. Second is the camelback suspension which is bar none the best in the business. Buy a MACK Garbage truck and you will have smooth riding from here on out. A few other reasons the MACK garbage truck is one of the best are the Rear Axle, Steering axles, the diagnostic system, and so on. We could continue but we may get too in-depth on a truck that speaks for itself!


If you’re in the market for a garbage truck you definitely want to take a look at the MACK brand. They have been around a long time and know how to talk trash! With more and more businesses jumping into the industry, stay ahead of the competition and talk to one of our professionals about the MACK garbage truck today! Call Now and we will guide you into getting into a truck that will keep you and your customers happy! A VERY LONG TIME

The waste truck of the future

New Technology

Waste trucks are undergoing new and improved makeovers every year. With technology growing, our waste trucks are becoming integrated into robots. Not the robots from “I, Robot” but functioning machines with technological add ons that will eventually tell you and your mechanic every little problem that occurs and how well she is performing. This is a new age for waste trucks so hold on to your hats and your wallets boys because things are about to take off!


Some people are having terrible issues with the new and “improved” trucks that we are seeing hitting the streets. With so many add-ons, there are now more problems popping up left and right. These issues are now being addressed with mechanics that do not know how to work on them. What do we do?! Get the HELL OUT OF DODGE. Companies are looking for solutions to integrate the new complicated systems to cut down on these problems. With better technology and a possible new energy source, we see the waste truck becoming a beautifully efficient machine that works well with the environment and your wallet. I am talking GREENBACKS GENTLEMAN. Greenbacks for you and the environment, it’s essentially a win-win with the better technology that comes out of our certified over-educated engineer minds. We know now, from our customers, that the current trucks are working but they do not want the current truck to stay the same. It has to change and evolve or they are going to spend more money on maintenance than they will spend on their vacation to China.


The waste truck is undergoing a significant change in Europe and China. Through our research, we have found that Sweden and China are taking Green to a whole new level! They have found an energy source that they now use in a waste truck that outperforms anything on the market now with lower emission levels. This means it runs smoother, longer, and cleaner! We are not at liberty to discuss this fuel source just yet but if you subscribe to our newsletter we WILL keep YOU up to date!

Why southern rolloff trucks for sale are #1


Simply Put, FLORIDA. We have the best weather and we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale! The best weather conditions in the United States allow us to harness God’s gift of beautiful sunshine to keep our rolloff trucks for sale in outstanding condition. If this was a battle between the North and the South, the South would win every time (with one big exception, of course)! The rolloff trucks here see no snow or sleet and because of this, they do not have salt from the roads destroying their parts. It is without a doubt that we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale here in Florida.


Now that you know where to find them.. who do you call. RDK of course! We have been in the rolloff industry for over 20 years and know that when it comes to buying the right one, you have to choose the right place. We are located in Tampa, Florida, off of Adamo Drive. Our facility houses professionals with over 80+ years of experience and we will help guide you to find PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale.


We want your business to be successful because when you are successful we are too! The more rolloff trucks you need the better. This industry is growing rapidly with houses being built and the economy coming back. Rolloff trucks are becoming the leaders in the industry for picking up construction work and building roads for the future. We here at RDK are focused on building a better and brighter future for you and your company. Get in touch with one of our representatives today and lets get you into your PREMIUM rolloff trucks!

Refuse trucks are a cash cow!


MONEY! Refuse Trucks cost as much as house and man do they make money! The reason we get into business is to turn a profit and anyone in our industry knows that refuse trucks have big potential. The United States alone produces around 50% of the world’s trash! In our industry, we know business is all about picking up. The more trash, the better!


There are many ways to make money through the purchase of refuse trucks. One simply is picking up trash from local houses or businesses. These contracts can yield a substantial payout for the business owners down the road. As residential areas expand, new contracts are formed and more refuse trucks are added to your fleet for new customers. Companies like Wal-Mart produce a significant portion of trash per year and landing a contract with these guys will produce enough money for you to vacation with for the next few years.

Another way to use garbage trucks to make money is by picking up debris after terrible weather events. In our industry, we know that helping out after a hurricane, tornado, flood, or fire is our duty. We supply the trucks for the rehabilitation period and when the garbage is taken away, they can start to rebuild. This opens the door for many local businesses in the area where devastation has occurred. The businesses are now making money but more importantly, helping a community rebuild!

Refuse Trucks also take care of government, entertainment, corporate, and pretty much every industry you can think of. Everyone produces waste and we are the ones responsible for picking it up. This provides us with the satisfaction of giving back to the community and a nice paycheck, to say the least.


RDK helps you find the right refuse trucks for your business needs. With over 80 years of experience, we answer any questions you may have before purchasing your refuse trucks. Our role in the industry is to make sure you have a premium truck that is working hard to make you more money! Contact us today about inventory so you can tap into your CASH COW today!